Born in South Africa (1967), Cape Town. Studied at Willem de Kooning Academy of Fine Arts, Rotterdam. Working and living in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Natural phenomena, rhythms and movements are the starting point for his work..

He draws his motives from natural elements such as water, sun, wind, and moon. An important motive for him is the sea. Here nature appears in its simplest, essential, unchanging form. The sea is never twice the same, but still remains the same.

Micahel Bom working at the Meshprint Club in Rotterdam

Through abstraction he wants to come to the essence and be able to create a new pure and absolute reality.

He thinks it is important that we continue to envisage the essence and uniqueness of the reality around us. Especially in this time where digital media has extreme impact on the focus in human life.

Michael works across different mediums in which he explores his interest in reflection, movement and structure. With his print work on flat and static surfaces he uses dots and rhythm and the juxtaposition of layers to achieve abstract impressions of movement. Whereas with his ‘analogue machines’ he is able to show his observations through a constantly changing movement of dots and filters.

His kinetic optical installations ‘Moving Images II’ and ‘Time Patterns 1’ were nominated for the 5th and 6th International André Evard-Art Award, by the Kunsthalle Messmer museum in Germany.