Michael Bom

abstraction in motion

His observations of natural phenomena; their rhythms and movements are often the starting point for the work of Michael Bom.

He often draws his motives from natural elements such as water, sun, wind, and moon. An important motive for him is the sea. Here nature appears in its simplest, essential, unchanging form. The sea is is a constantly moving landscape which is never twice the same, but still remains the same.

Through abstraction he brings across the essence of these observations.

Michael works across different mediums in which he explores his interest in reflection, movement and structure. With print work and paintings on canvas on flat and static surfaces he uses dots and rhythm and the juxtaposition of layers to achieve abstract translations of movement. With his ‘analogue’ machines he is able to express his observations through a constantly changing movement between interacting surfaces of dots and filters.

Michael Bom, Kinetic installation, 2021

Fragments of Reality – Michael Bom
Part 1    8-28 October at G126 exhibition space.

You are cordially invited to come and see this exhibition.

Michael Bom is fascinated by reflection, movement and rhythm which he observes on large water surfaces such as that of the Maas river and the North Sea. During these observations, there are moments that he describes as ‘magical’. The energy of such a magical moment inspires him to create new works.
This last summer he studied these moments, made sketches on location, and created new work in his studio. The works you see here were the starting point for this research.

In November and December the 2nd and 3rd part of this research will be shown at G126.

On display 8 – 28 October 2021
24/7 in the windows of G126.

G126 exhibition space
Gerard Scholtenstraat 126
3035st, Rotterdam

Michael Bom, Acrylic on canvas, 2021

Michael Bom, Acrylic and pencil on canvas, 2021